A bad day at work

Sometimes it’s not the work that makes work difficult but the people. Today’s challenge was much more mundane than usual: the arrival of a brand new telephone.
The three-fold leaflet included instructions on how to set up voicemail and many other things. A quick search on the internet revealed a 30-page manual that provided instructions for many services, but did not explain how to get my headset working. I can call someone’s secretary or pager, and I have all the notes necessary to broadcast a message to the loudspeakers at a station group (whatever it is). I don’t know how to record my name so UK callers can get through to the French-speaking Alcatel lady.
I hated that the phone had beat me. Give me a server, an Active Directory, a website, or a graphics package. My job is to make technical things work. Even though it’s currently stored in my kitchen cupboard, I can program my own video recorder. How is it possible that I could not make the damn thing work despite having the instruction manual in two languages and an on-screen display?
The problem was not solved by me. A colleague found that you don’t need to enter your default four-digit secret code, as the screen displays, you can instead type in your six digit extension number.
Technology is something you love, don’t you?
It was a great weekend. Dina Henry Scott interviewed me about project budgets on her podcast Controlling Chaos. Graham Oakes gave me great tips for project reviews. Look out for [email protected] Two very interesting people. I’ll link here the results of my discussions with them once they’re completed.
Two things help me get through days like these, when a good weekend can be destroyed by something seemingly insignificant. Dilbert is a beacon of wisdom and Origins Cocoa Therapy Instant Chocolate Fix is the other. It doesn’t matter what it takes.

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