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Multicloud Storage Service Spans AWS Microsoft Azure Nimble Storage Inc. has today launched a beta offering that claims to be the only enterprise-grade multicloud block store service for Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), and Microsoft Azure public cloud. The product is called Nimble Cloud Volumes, and its enterprise-grade availability as well as data services can be used to help organizations move new types enterprise apps to the cloud. Nimble Storage believes that the first wave cloud apps will be mostly content-centric, native Web and mobile apps. They lack enterprise-friendly features like data durability and data services such as snapshots, and the ability to share the same volumes with multiple hosts. The next wave of cloud applications comprises traditional transactional-centric workloads — like transactional databases — moving to the public cloud space, with stringent storage requirements. The company stated that NCV flash-based storage could provide enterprise functionality, opening up new frontiers. It also offers other benefits, such as the elimination of cloud vendor lock-in, better data reliability, and uninterrupted data access. Ajay Singh, a senior executive at AWS, stated that the NCV service delivers flash storage volumes or block storage to AWS EC2 instances and Azure Virtual machines. It offers significant advantages over native cloud block storage services such as Amazon EBS and Azure Disk Volumes. The company highlighted the following three main benefits of the new NCV service:

Data mobility between public clouds or on-premises datacenters is easy without large data egress fees. Global visibility and predictive analytics allow for information such as usage history,…