AWS Well-Architected Review – A WAR Case Study

1. Introduction2. Customer Background3. Customer Challenge4. Proposed Solution5. AWS Services used6. Conclusion8. CloudThat9. FAQs 1. Introduction
Authorized AWS partners use AWS’s well-architected tool for Well-Architected Review (WAR). This is done to ensure that AWS’s infrastructure and system are well-architected. We, the consulting partner, will recommend the best practices for fixing any issues based on the five pillars security and operational excellence, reliability, cost optimization, and performance efficiency.
This is the best way to measure your architecture against best practices, and identify areas for improvement.
Let’s take a look at a WAR example that was executed for one our clients.
2. Customer Background
A comprehensive Cloud-based Compliance Management System was developed for the client. It tracks and monitors legal, regulatory, central & State, secretarial and statutory compliances within a company. It assists businesses to manage all compliance documentation activities, conduct audits, track compliance issues, and resolve them on the cloud. They offer security solutions for businesses and improve operational efficiency.
3. Customer Challenge
The client does not have well-architected competency. There are many loopholes in their architecture that can cause problems in security, high availability, scaleability, reliability, operational excellence, performance, and reliability. CloudThat was hired by the client to conduct a review of their IT environment.
4. Proposed Solution
CloudThat’s expert team in Well-Architected performed an AWS Well-Architected review on the customer’s account. We recorded the inputs to the tool based upon that “High-Risk Indiators” and “Medium-Risk Indicators” were generated. We then provided our findings and recommendations to fix those issues.
Security: After our analysis, we found that the client infrastructure was not following the best security practices. We provided remediation’s to address all of these issues.
Reliability: We discovered that the client infrastructure was not reliable or highly available, which can cause application and data availability problems. To fix this, we recommended a load balancer, scheduling backs, and a complete disaster recovery setup by applying the most suitable DR Strategies. This will make the infrastructure more reliable and less disruptive to business.
Operational Excellence: Our client was manually patching the job, which is not only time-consuming but also not secure. We recommended an automated solution to patching and similar to take backs to ease administration. Excellence is essential to ensure that our operations are efficient and time-saving.
Performance Efficiency: The monitoring solution does not allow for the utilization of metrics such as memory. We recommend creating metrics and setting up alarms based upon thresholds. This will improve the performance of the overall infrastructure.
We have verified that the instances are optimized and not to redefine the sizes or hardware of instances.
5. AWS Services used
Secret Manager
IAM Access Analyzer
Security Hub
Guard duty
Web Appl

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