CISA Domain 3 Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation – Part 2

PART 2 CISA Domain 3 Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
What is Project Management structure?
What are the organizational forms for a project?
What is Project communication?
What are the objectives of the project?
What are OBS and WBS?

4. Project Management structure
Project management is a business process within a project-oriented company.
PRINCE2TM is one of the most recognizable standards and organizations.
The project management process starts with the project charter, and ends with the completion.
The Project Charter provides a basic delineation of roles, responsibilities, identifies key stakeholders, and defines authority for the project manager.
5. Forms for Project Organization:
There are three major types of organizational alignment that can be used for project management.
Influence project organization – The project manager is a staff function that does not require formal management authority.
Only the project manager can advise teammates and team members on which activities to complete.

Pure project organization – The project manager has formal authority to oversee the activities of all project participants
A project team can use this area to work in a separate space from their usual office space.

Matrix project organization – Management authority is shared by the project manager with the department heads.

6. Communication and culture projects:
One-on-1 meetings are a great way to communicate with project managers.
Kick-off meetings – The project manager may use a kick-off meeting to inform the team about what needs to be done for the project.
Project start workshops – to ensure cooperation and buy-in from all stakeholders, communication must be open and clear between the project team. This allows for a shared overview of the project and helps to communicate the project culture early on in the project.
Combination of all three

A project culture is a collection of shared beliefs, values, and assumptions.
The key to establishing a positive project culture is to identify and adapt the unique characteristics of each project.
7. Project objectives:
The specific actions statements that support the road map for achieving established project goals are called project objectives.
A project requires clearly defined results that are specific and measurable, achievable, realistic, timely (SMART)
These objectives can be broken down into three parts.
Additional objectives are those objectives that are not directly related or necessary for the success of the project.
Non-objectives refer to results that are not expected upon completion of the project.

An objectbreakdown structure (OBS) is a common way to establish project objectives.
Once the OBS is completed or a solution has been identified, a work breakdown structure (WBS), is created to organize all tasks necessary to build the OBS elements during the project.
8. OBS – Object Based Structure
It depicts the individual components of a solution and their relationships to one another in a hierarchical fashion, either graphically or in table form.
An OBS can be a great help, especially when it comes to non-tangible results like organizational development. It will ensure that a material deliverable does not get overlooked.
9. WBS – Object Based Structure
WBS is used to organize all tasks necessary to build the OBS elements during the project.
The WBS represents the project’s manageable and controllable aspects.

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