CompTIA A+ Study guide: Tips to Help you Pass 220-1101 & 220-1102 Exams

CompTIA A+, an internationally recognized skills certification for technical support professionals, has been updated to meet the changing needs of the hybrid workforce. CompTIA, a non-profit association, has announced that CompTIA A+ (220-1101 & 220-1102) is now available worldwide. Employers around the world trust CompTIA A+ as a proof of IT professionals’ ability to think effectively and perform essential support tasks.
CompTIA A+ Certification Exams Core Objectives: 220-1101 (Core 1) & 220-1102 (Core 2).
CompTIA A+ certification exams 220-1101 and 220-1102 (Core 1):
Reflects the improved reliance on software-as-a-service applications for remote work.

This course focuses more on remote diagnosis and troubleshooting common software, hardware and connectivity issues.

Modifying core technologies is a greater priority, from IoT device security to cloud infrastructure to data management and programming.

This article provides a broad overview of major operating systems, their uses, and how to keep them running smoothly.

CompTIA A+ Exams 220-1101 and 220-101 Overview
The new exams recognize the changing nature and tasks of tech support jobs, which often require the assistance of specialized providers. CompTIA A+ certified professionals are better equipped to assess whether it is better to fix something on site or to save time and money by sending proprietary technologies directly to vendors.
CompTIA A+ certified individuals have demonstrated the ability to set up and configure end-user software and devices; connect devices to networks; perform fundamental cybersecurity mitigations; troubleshoot common issues and resolve them; and have a fundamental understanding of scripting, virtualization, and the cloud.
CompTIA A+ 220-1101 Exams and 220-1102 Exams Details
Maximum 90 questions per exam

Time Duration: 90 minutes

Multiple choice questions (single or multiple-response), drag-and-drop and performance-based

Passing score 220-1101 Core1: 675 (on an scale of 900).

Score 220-1102 Core 2: 700 (on an scale of 900).

Recommendation: 9-12 months of experience in the field or lab

CompTIA A+ Certification: The Benefits
A + certification offers many career and financial advantages to its holders. CompTIA A+ certifications are perceived as being more capable of problem-solving, more confident, and more adept at managing large projects or difficult tasks. This is partly due to the fact that a CompTIA A+ certification confirms your commitment and higher level of ability.
The salary increase is one of the most significant benefits associated with A+ certification. A professional certification can often result in a salary hike of 10-20%.
CompTIA A+ certification is just as important as a financial gain. It can also open doors to certain careers. CompTIA certifications can be a great way to get the qualifications you need to advance in your current job. An A+ certification can help those who are unhappy in their current job find a job.
Tips and tricks to prepare for CompTIA A+ 220-1101 & 220-1102 Exams
You must be aware of certain things when studying for the 220-1101 (Core 1) or 220-1102(Core 2) exams. These exams require you to use different study materials in order to pass. These are some tips to help you prepare for CompTIA exams.
1. Learn the Exam Structure and Syllabus
First, familiarize yourself with the exam structure and syllabus for the CompTIA A+ exams. This includes the expected exam structure and the objectives. This will help you choose the right materials for your preparation journey.
2. Improve your time management skills
Make the most of your time. You should set aside enough time for each topic. Also, make sure you complete your revision within the time allotted. Time management is essential when taking the 220-1101 or 220-1102 exams. Do not spend too much time on just one CompTIA exam question. It is a good idea to start with the easiest questions and then move on to the more difficult ones. You can either make a guess or move on to the next question if you are faced with a question you don’t understand. This will increase your chances of passing your certification exam.
3. CompTIA A+ Practice Exams
You can use practice tests for 220-1101 (Core 1) or 220-1102(Core 2) to get a feel for what to expect on the actual exam. Practice tests will give you an idea of the exam environment and help you to answer the questions. You can quickly identify the areas that need improvement. It is also important to keep your eyes open for potential problems.

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