Future Tech Predictions 2022: Blockchain (Cryptocurrency, NFTs) to IoT (XR or UX).

Businesses will continue to be interested in IoT and blockchain this year. We asked members from CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council as well as the IoT Advisory Council their opinions on what to expect for 2022. Here’s what they had a to say. It’s rare for someone to call an MSP or solution provider and say “Hi, I’d love to buy some blockchain and internet of Things please.” Yet both technologies are increasingly being used as the foundation for innovative solutions that can solve a variety of customer’s business problems. They offer a huge opportunity for tech companies that can integrate them into their existing portfolios.
There has been a lot happening lately in the IoT and blockchain space. More is expected in 2019. We asked members of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council as well as the IoT Advisory Council their thoughts on 2022. Trend Watch
NFTs evolve to represent more than digital art
“Next year, we will see the evolution in NFTs. People think of NFTs today as digital art and metadata. This is only the beginning. NFTs can be used to represent any digital asset. What does this actually mean? It means that everything, from birth certificates to property deeds, will be stored on a Blockchain [providing an immutable recording of these unique assets].” – Barry Mosakowski.
Extended Reality Innovations in IoT Enhance Collaboration
“I expect to see an accelerated adoption of extended Reality (XR) technology in IoT in 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic, large XR investments by companies like Meta and the rise in 5G have all led to digital transformation. Immersive solutions can now be implemented at scale that many thought was impossible just a few decades ago. It will be exciting for all the innovative ways that XR solutions incorporate IoT data to enable a wave in innovation that bridges the real and digital worlds to improve collaboration and unlock new experiences and efficiencies. Expect to see a rapid use of the combined technologies areas such as training and construction, field service, health care, and smart cities.” – Brandon Fuhr (co-founder and CEO of XReps).
Energy companies will mine cryptocurrency to counter market volatility
“Next year, I look forward to the increased synergy between Bitcoin mining and the electricity sector.” States like Texas, Wyoming and Wyoming are leading the charge in improving energy production efficiency by using cryptocurrency mining operations to mitigate volatility in carbon and other renewable energy sources.
IoT and AI Innovations Continue to Transform Healthcare
“Medical devices are becoming smarter and more connected. Remote healthcare monitoring was a necessity after the pandemic. In 2021, there were many breakthroughs in diabetes technology and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). As the FDA clears their backlog of approvals, these will continue to grow. We’ll also see this expand in Invitro, cardiovascular, and ophthalmic device.” – Kathleen Glass founder and CEO of Oinkodomeo
Evolution to Web 3.0 includes ownership of digital assets
“Watch out for Web 3.0’s rapid evolution. Trend Watch
UI/UX Evolution: Voice Recognition and Control Enhancements
“I believe that the next year will see a greater evolution in user interface/user experience (UI/UX), technology to make it more natural for users. This is especially true in the area of voice recognition and control, as well as gesture commands leveraging lidar or machine vision. We are seeing more use cases and more interest which is in turn driving new innovation.” – Robert Forget (CTO, Aware360)
Global Passport Validation Supported by Blockchain and NFTs
“I see non-fungible tokens (NFTs), based on a central Blockchain ledger, becoming a central mechanism for a global passport verification program. Although it is a lofty goal I believe it will be achieved soon. I see NFTs and blockchain becoming a centralized system within national governments to achieve this.” – Raja Krishnasamy (engineering leader, Microsoft)
Additional Technology Education Requirements For Licensed Attorneys
“I predict that many states will add technology to the types courses that lawyers will be required to take.

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