Gain a 1:1 session with an Industry Genius to improve your business skills

It would be great to have a genius answer your questions about your team’s sales compensation plans. Or how to determine where your marketing campaign went wrong. CompTIA corporate members will have that opportunity during the EMEA Partner Conference on 31 Oct in London.
It would be great to have a genius answer your questions about your team’s sales compensation plans. Or how to determine where your marketing campaign went wrong. CompTIA members will have the opportunity to ask a genius again 31 October at EMEA Member & Partner Conference.
CompTIA has recruited experts in many fields (sales and marketing, leadership and strategy and cybersecurity, objectives, key results and CompTIA training paths) to answer questions and provide one-to-one advice. The sessions will be held on 31 October, from 10 to 12 noon. These meetings have been very popular so corporate members interested in the sessions should book a session quickly as space is limited.
Learn from experienced experts
Clive Madders is Cyber Tech Security Ltd’s CTO. He said that he wished Genius Cafes existed when he was an MSP in Bristol, UK. Madders was a cybersecurity genius at 2021 EMEA Partner and Member Conference.
Madders stated that being able to schedule a time with a subject matter expert allows you to ask questions and help you translate that information to clients and back into your business.
He said that too often questions about cybersecurity are answered in a generic way because they “fit most people” rather than being focused on real-world situations. Genius Cafe conversations are a great way to get the help that you need, when you need it.
Madders stated that one-to-one conversations with someone allow you to discuss your needs and get advice tailored to you. You can also expand on the answers with additional questions to ensure you have the right insights.
Genius Cafe sessions will be held at the EMEA Member and Partner Conference and will focus on cybersecurity and sales, marketing, cybersecurity and leadership. Jason Kemsley (technical director at Uptime Solutions, West Sussex), UK, stated that the goal is to provide valuable, non-biased content that can be used to help people improve their businesses.
Kemsley, who was a leader genius, stated that there is no better way for you to grow as a businessman and person than to collaborate one-to-one and get some expert advice.
Chris Wiser, founder of 7 Figure MSP, a consultancy that advises managed service providers, said that the Genius Cafe’s advice-driven model is a great fit for the MSP community. Those leaders are more likely to have technical backgrounds than sales and marketing. Wiser, who has been a “marketing genius”, said that he received the best advice about sales and marketing from previous events.
“I’m trying help MSPs or IT service providers ensure that their processes are in order, and that they charge a fair amount. Wiser stated that you could have a perfect lead but still sell it incorrectly. This only magnifies problems with cash flow, scale and productivity.
Stay for the member networking, come for the advice
Genius Cafe attendees have previously extolled the benefits they received from the meetings. CompTIA Members also get the Genius Cafe as a perk. “It is priceless to spend 25-30 minutes with a top expert and get your tough questions answered,” said Corey Kirkendoll (president and CEO of 5K Technical Services).
Kirkendoll recommended that anyone booking a Genius Cafe session bring a list of prioritized questions to maximize their time. Remember, you only get out what you put into it. He said, “I assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you have a plan.” “I received great advice and some of it I implemented right away after the call. It was so easy to do and relevant to help us solve a real-life problem in marketing.
Brendan Turner, president of Turner Techtronics and CEO, praised his experience with a marketing genius at a previous event for helping him strategize how he could target new industries.
“My company has difficulty marketing to new markets such as finance and healthcare. Turner stated that the genius she spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and gave great insights and vertical-specific ideas for our website, marketing program, which I will share with our sales team.” Turner added.
Jhovanny Rodriguez, vice-president and co-founder at GreenLi

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