Here are the top Project Management trends for 2019

Here are the top Project Management trends for 2019
Organizations are moving quickly and are using different techniques to meet the demands of volatile markets. Are Project Management methods able to help companies adapt to these changes? Are Project Management tools and techniques being updated in order to meet the requirements of organizations?
The answer is, Of course, YES! Project Management is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the projects. Project management is a broad field that is used across many industries and business lines. Therefore, there is no one project management method that is best suited for all projects. Every year, new methods, approaches, tools, and solutions are developed.
How can you keep up with the latest developments in this field? We present to you a well-researched article listing the Top 7 Project Management Trends, the trends that are continuing over the past year, and the challenges Project Management will face in 2019.
Here are 7 top project management trends you should know:
You can be prepared for the future by staying current with key trends in project management. These trends will help you evaluate your work and determine how you can implement or adopt them to improve efficiency. Here are 7 trends that every project manager must know:
Project managers creating value at work

Design Thinking

Enhancing the skills of internal employees

Virtual teams

Hybrid approach to large-scale projects

Emotional intelligence is a key criterion for project managers

Artificial Intelligence

Project managers creating value at work:

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What is Project Management? It is the care of a project with a clear beginning and end. This definition is changing. The role of Project Manager may change in the future. They might be asked to take on more responsibilities within an organization. They will be more valuable to the company as project managers.
Companies are looking for Project Managers to fill a permanent organizational or managerial position. This includes strategizing for the company, and even applying their leadership skills and managerial skills to other projects.
The organization’s structure is different from what it was in the past. They don’t use the same hierarchy and roles. They want to share the responsibilities of middle management, and Project Managers can be an excellent resource to help. A PM has organizational skills that can help the company. He will contribute more to the company’s value. This will create and contribute more value to an organisation.

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Design Thinking:
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Design Thinking is another important skill that project managers should possess. Project managers and organizations often deal with:
Develop new products

Designing new processes

Finding new solutions for unusual problems

Problem-solving is often a part of project management. The Project Manager will create a new product, solution, or workflow to solve the problem. The goal is to make a difference. Project managers need to be able to create. It allows them to use their creativity and innovation to solve problems.
Make new demands

These requirements can be met creatively.

Understanding the market and customer needs

Find the systematic solutions to unusual problems

A project manager who is able to use creativity and innovation is a valuable asset for the company. They are able to react quickly to any problem or delay. They can remove any limitations that were placed on their roles in the past. They are able to take on complex projects of all sizes and complexity. Design bespoke s

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