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The Microsoft MS-100 Exam covers many technologies. This is why it is so well-received in the IT industry. As Microsoft updates its technologies, the importance of the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert becomes more prominent and efficient. The Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam is a great starting point for your IT career. Your foundation will be stronger as a result.
The MS-100 exam counts as one of two required exams to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. To become a Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert, you must pass two exams. These include:
Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS100)
Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101)
We’ll be discussing Microsoft 365 Identity and Services exam (MS100) in this article. We’ll also provide details about the exam requirements to help candidates pass the exam. Let’s get to the point.
What is the MS-100 exam?
First, candidates need to understand that MS-100, as the name implies, requires candidates to complete the following Microsoft 365 services-
First, the candidate must have the ability to plan, evaluate, migrate, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services.
Secondly, they must have the ability to manage Microsoft 365 tenant accounts for any industry. This includes their identities, security, compliance and supporting technologies.
The candidate must also have a working knowledge in Microsoft 365 workloads.
Moreover, he/she must also be an administrator for at minimum one Microsoft 365 workload (Exchange or SharePoint, Skype for Business, Skype for Business, Windows as a Service).
Last but not least, the candidate must be able to work with networking, server administration, and IT basics such as DNS, Active Directory, PowerShell, and PowerShell.
Now you have a basic understanding of the MS-100 exam. It is important to consider all the benefits that come with being a Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert. Next, we will look at all the benefits of the certification.
Microsoft Certifications: Benefits
Microsoft is a familiar name from the beginning. It is used in many spheres, not just by individuals. Experience with Microsoft is a requirement for many job profiles. You need to be familiar with Microsoft programs, regardless of whether you are interested in business analysis, marketing, or coding.
Let’s also look at all the benefits you will receive after passing both the MS-100 exam and the MS-101 exam.
1. Get the most out of your skills to unlock opportunities
Certifications give candidates a competitive edge. They provide industry-endorsed evidence of skills mastery and demonstrate your willingness to embrace new technologies. You will be able to prove your skills and open up new opportunities by passing the exam.
2. A career building block
This exam certifies the candidate as an expert. You can expect career advancement with MS-100 or MS-101 certification. Employers often use certifications to select employees for promotion and hiring. They are also willing to pay more for certified professionals.
3. High-growth opportunities
It is clear that if you have the Upon certification, you will have a greater chance of getting hired than your peers. 23% of Microsoft-certified candidates reported a salary increase of up to 20%. This puts the candidate on the fast track to a promotion.
4. Hire and become more productive
Microsoft Certified Professionals spend comparatively less time interviewing than they do driving value. This is why adding a

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