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The cloud has changed everything about how we work in today’s digital world, including how apps are built and installed. While this transformation is undeniably positive, it also presents new challenges for businesses. This is where the Azure solutions architect comes in. The credential matches the capabilities of real-world solutions engineers and the jobs they do. Passing the Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304 exam is a requirement for this position. Many applicants get stuck during the preparation phase and are unsure how to start studying for the AZ304 exam.
We’ll cover all the main subject areas, exam structure, study materials, and exam-passing methods in order to help you solve this problem. Let’s get started by reviewing our test preparation guide.
Study Guide for Microsoft Azure AZ-304 Exam
To prepare for the Microsoft AZ-304 exam, the first step is to get to know the knowledge that you need.
A successful Azure solutions architect has a wide range of skills and expertise. This includes the ability to design and develop cloud solutions from start to finish. This new certification defines, supports and verifies these capabilities as well as the requirements for each. It is also essential to have an associate certification as a basis for expert certificates due to the high demands of the work and the expert level of certification. Let’s talk about the basics.
First, you will need a bachelor’s in computer science, information tech, or software engineering. Although no prior experience is required, knowledge and understanding are beneficial.

Second, Azure Solutions Architect architects have exceptional attention, creativity and leadership.
They are responsible for advising stakeholders and translating company requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.
They could also work with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, clients, and other cloud professionals to help them put in place solutions.

Now, let’s move on to the exam!
1. Microsoft AZ-304 Exam Details:
Candidates who are able to build and deploy Microsoft Azure systems (which include storage, compute, and security) can take the Microsoft AZ-304 exam. This exam requires intermediate-level Azure administration skills, as well as knowledge of Azure development and DevOps.
These are the knowledge requirements for the exam:
To pass the exam with a high score, you must have the following skills
First, you must have strong IT operations knowledge, including virtualization, identity, security, budgeting, and governance.
The second is the ability to control the effect of individual choices on the overall solution.
Finally, knowledge of Azure development, DevOps techniques, and Azure administration capabilities is necessary.
2. Exploring the AZ304 Exam Format
Microsoft AZ-304 is the prerequisite exam to become Microsoft Certified: Azure Solution Architect Expert. This exam will contain 40-60 questions. You must score at least 700 to pass this exam. The exam can be taken in English, Japanese and Korean as well as Russian, Arabic, Saudi Arabia, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Italian and German. The exam can be scheduled at $165 USD*
Before we move on to the exam topics of AZ-304 let’s take a look ahead at the upcoming updates.
Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification Update:
The AZ303 exam will be retired on MARCH 31, 2022. Exam AZ305, a new exam is now available.

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