ITIL(r), 4 Foundation Exam Study Tips From Someone Who Passed!

Share this post: Jo Peacock, ITIL(r), edutainer at ITProTV, interviews Vonne Smith, OfficePro edutainer about passing the ITIL (r) 4 Foundation exam. Vonne was Jo’s ITIL(r), 4 host. Vonne has no IT service management or governance training background and doesn’t hold any related certifications. Vonne told Jo after she had completed the ITIL(r), 4 show that she wanted to take a test. She shares some tips and tricks that will help you pass the exam in this episode.

Just one week ago, the ITIL(r), 4 exam was made available. ITProTV is a great place to start studying for the exam. All levels of ITIL training are available at a low price. you’re currently ITIL(r) certified and aren’t sure how about re-certification, check out this video where Jo and Vonne highlight the differences between ITIL(r) 3, the current version of ITIL(r), and ITIL 4(r). it comes to the certification scheme, the differences are pretty big. This diagram shows how the new version of ITIL(r), and the old one compare, as well as the transitional exam.
You can see that the certification scheme has changed, except for ITIL(r), Foundation and ITIL (r) Master. After passing the ITIL 4 Foundation exam you can choose to become an ITIL (r) Managing Professional, or an ITIL (r) Strategic Leader by completing the respective modules. To become an ITIL (r) Managing Pro, you must take the ITIL (r) Specialist and ITIL (r) Strategist levels. You must complete the ITIL (r) Strategist or ITIL (r) Leader courses to earn the ITIL(r] Strategic Leader certification.
The diagram shows the transitional exam at the middle. This is the bridging exam for ITIL(r), v3 Expert certification. It will allow you to recertify in ITIL(r). You must have either:
An ITIL(r), Expert certificate
Minimum of 17 credits must be earned from the Foundation, Intermediate or Practitioner modules
15 credits from the ITIL (r) 3 level together with an ITIL (4 Foundation) certification
We have ITIL(r), Master, the highest ITIL (r) certification, at the top of our certification scheme.
This diagram shows you what ITProTV currently offers in its Course Library. ITProTV offers ITIL(r), accredited training with Jo Peacock. The pass rate for ITIL(r), training courses she has taught, is 98%.
ITPro.TV streams everything in Orange and Dark Blue on-demand. Everything in Light Blue will also be recorded in the second half of 2019. ITProTV’s social media channels will keep you updated on the release dates and updates.

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