Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant (PL-202) Certification – Practice Test Launched

Companies are thriving in a data-reliant world because they have millions of data that is recorded with every global sale. Data is created for a purpose. They have insight without the data. Data is valuable. It is difficult to organize data if it is not organized. Whizlabs focuses on training these organizers to make them the most valuable asset of any company. Microsoft’s energy is vibrant.
No more IT teams meeting together to draft the analysis they need to perform. Microsoft has introduced a platform functional advisor to eliminate this tedious activity. Whizlabs discovered that Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant is one the most exciting platforms due to its easy-to-use and non-technical user interface.
We have been asked many times to create courses that don’t require heavy coding. We were shocked by the spamming of email and decided to bring you the Microsoft Power Platform Functional consultant. It is the best data democratization tool. This credential will help you market yourself as a functional contractor in ventures and other engagements. The Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate certification demonstrates that you can create solutions that don’t require any programming skills.
The Power System can link to many data sources, including third party apps like Google Analytics or Twitter. However, it is extremely powerful. Microsoft would make a substantial investment in the Power Platform. However, it is still relatively young and we expect it will be improved and modified as the products mature.
This certification is for functional consultants, data analysts, and developers who want to improve their consulting and solution-making skills.
Power Platform consists of three parts: Power BI and Power Apps, as well as Flow.
The four Microsoft products that make up Power Platform are Power BI (Power Apps), Power Automate (Power Automate), and Power Virtual Agents (Power Virtual Agents). You can use them separately or together to create a business platform. The Power Platform is made possible by the Common Data Service (or CDS), which basically provides a single, simplified data schema that allows services and applications to interoperate.
Number of questions: 40-50
Exam Duration: 180 minutes
Difficulty level: Average
Passing % 70%
Type of questions asked: True/false, MCQs, and case studies
Certification valid for 2 years
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This exam’s content was updated on March 23, 20,21. To see what has changed, please download the exam skills outline.
Configure Microsoft Dataverse (25-30%)
Power Apps (20-25%) allows you to create apps
Power Automate (15-20%): Create and manage Power Automate
Chatbots for Implement Power Virtual Agents (10-15%)
Integrate Power Apps with Other Apps and Services (15-20%)
MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM CERTIFICATIONS will give your career a boost. Take a look at our courses today.
Microsoft doesn’t put up such a barrier. Everyone can take the exam, regardless of previous experience. Whizlabs recommends that you have a solid knowledge of Dynamics 365 to be able to use engagement apps.
Audience for the Exam
Analysts, stakeholders, Translation experts, and anyone who will use application enhancements, data transformations, custom process automation, and custom visualization.
Power BI
Microsoft Power BI provides market analysis services. Its purpose is to provide business intelligence through interactive visualizations. The interface makes it easy for users to create their own reports and dashboards. Power BI is a self service business intelligence system that allows you to communicate, evaluate and gain insight from the data in your company. Power BI is available in over 18,000 cities worldwide and in 43 languages.
Whizlabs offers a free test and practice tests for Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA100) certification. Get it today!
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft makes it easy to create a mobile and web application. Power BI and Power Apps are linked naturally, making it easy to provide insights to service workers, teachers, miners, and others on the frontlines. These insights can be used to create personalized, sometimes task-specific apps that improve performance and make their jobs easier. Power Apps data can be returned to the systems for further review in Power BI. This creates a closed loop mechanism for continuous improvement.

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