New Training: Introduction to CMMC

Learn the basics of the new CMMC, and prepare to be certified with Bob Salmans, a new SPOTO trainer.
Cybersecurity Maturity model Certification was released in January to help organizations in the defense industrial base supply chains protect sensitive data. CMMC certification is required for organizations that wish to bid on contracts that contain Federal Contract Information (FCI), or Controlled Unclassified Information.
This entry-level training, which consists of 44 videos, covers topics such as:
The five maturity levels in the CMMC model
Security policies and procedures
Understanding security controls and risk
Preparing for an Audit
Set up an open-source SIEM
Hunting for threats

Organizations must also pass an independent third-party audit of security controls and suppliers as part of CMMC certification. Bob’s training will teach you how to prepare for and manage audits.
About the Trainer
SPOTO is proud to have Bob’s seven-years of IT training experience. When he joined the United States Navy, his interest in technology grew and he was assigned to a role as a network engineer. Salmans holds many IT certifications, including CCSP and CCSP, GPEN CISA, CISM, CISM, CCNA Security, CCSP, CCSP, CCSP, CCSP, CCSP, CCSP, CCSP, GPEN and CISA. Before joining CBTN, Salmans was a security team leader at a managed services provider.
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