Rocheston Reinvent Pennetration Testing Conference 2021 Free

Conference on Penetration Testing
I am pleased to announce that I will be one of the Keynote Speakers at the Rochesten Reinvent Penetration Testing conference.
Register here to register for my session, “Building Security Infrastructure with Red Team & Blue Teams”.
For more information on evets:
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The conference of the virtuous, ruthless and energetic, the energetic, thoroughgoing, probing, and quick-witted will be held again in July 2021. To prop-up your skills and get excited about impending potential of technology, join us at the Virtual Summit from July 23rd to 25th, 2021.At Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference July 2021, join the industry experts and discover what is spent and what is new in the three key aspects of cybersecurity:Digital forensicsCyberthreat IntelligenceSOC Deployments
It is the only event that covers every corner, both the current and future issues in Cybersecurity. It is a gathering ground for professionals, experts, and those who want to explore the complex facets of Cybersecurity. Rocheston invites everyone to come together, share, and learn.
“Reinventing” is the new normal, and it will be here for a long time. Even in post-pandemic times, it is still a viable option. Businesses, large and small, must keep up with technological growth. “Reinvent” will continue to be a platform to keep abreast of the future as long as we have a view of the cyber landscape.
Reinvent brings together industry experts and professionals to keep us on the forefront of the latest technology trends, even before the next book is published.
Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference 2021 will help you improve your skills by providing tools, resources, and tips. Resilient Cybersecurity Professional is the star choice for every industry today. This professional stands at the intersection of cyberthreat risks and disruptive technologies. Learn more about being resilient and gain wisdom:
How to get Evidence-based decision making! Good decision-making is based on insights. Good insights are derived from assessments. A good assessment is made from twin play of observation and familiarity with typical situations.
To uphold social justice and adhere to cyberlaw, you need to have prying eyes. What exactly should you look for? A small USB drive or the entire infrastructure of an entire organization can be used for forensic investigation. Explore case studies to see how difficult feats can be investigated and decoded.
This is a leap beyond theories! This is a boost for those who monitor and prevent threats to organizations. Learn how a SOC works, and why it is the most important research center for cybersecurity professionals.

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