Software Review: iMindQ 4.1 Online & Windows [2016]

General Information
Name: iMindQVendor SeavusHosting options: Windows, Mac, onlineCosts, and plans: The online version of iMindQVendor Seavus is free. A single-user perpetual Windows license costs EUR109. The Mac version is EUR73.
Mind mapping made simple
iMindQ is a tool that can be used for mapping your mind. You can create mindmaps and flow diagrams for any topic. This will allow you visual thinking and enable you to take many notes in spider diagram format.
Online or on the desktop
I tried the desktop version but was disappointed to find that my trial ended.
The online version was used to open the files that I had created. The online version is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into Dropbox and other online storage platforms.
The desktop version integrates seamlessly with MS Office and your iOS devices.
Create a new mindmap
It’s easy to create a new map. Click New, select a template, then give your mindmap a name.
My mindmap about performance metricsFormatting your Chart
Display options are flexible so that you can make your mindmaps or charts look stunning.
You can either upload your own images or add icons from a wide range of sources. You can also modify the colors and shape the icons, and add borders to group your map together.
You can add callouts to items in your mindmap. These are notes that can be used to provide more detail.
Personally, I don’t like visual data representations such this. I also didn’t spend too much time formatting mindmaps to make it look beautiful. If you love design, then go for it.
Although it is not visually appealing, this mindmap is functional. Making changes later
You can save your mindmap in a suitable format so that you can return to it later and make any changes. You can save the default files as DMMX but you can also export them in Freemind, Outline, text as html, or as images.
It is important to clearly define what you want in your mindmap. It is important to know what it is that is central to your project.
Presenting your work
Yes, you can export your mindmap to a PowerPoint presentation. You can also present directly within the app.
This is the web version. It works great! Click the presentation mode icon to clear the screen of all editing and menu items. The walking magnifier allows you to zoom in on a specific part of the chart. This allows the team to remain focused on the topic at hand without being distracted by other things.
Example of magnifier. It zooms in on a particular area of the map. Collaboration Options
You can collaborate on mindmaps with the web version of Google Drive as long as you are signed in to Google Drive. The file can then be shared from your filelist. It will be located in the top corner on your file list.
Although it doesn’t suit my needs as it supports a different method of working, it is very useful. Mindmapping and visual charting are very versatile. Mindmaps can be used to take notes during conference presentations, as I have seen. It can also be used to take notes in meetings, plan agendas, explain your project concepts, group requirements, and even plan your project.
It will be a valuable addition for your project management software tools. The web version is free and you can try it out to see if you like it.
Full disclosure: This review wasn’t paid for. Image credit to

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