Speaking at the IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2021

IDC speaking
I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the IDC Middle East CIO Summit
When: February 24-25
For more information, please visit:
For more information on evets:

About International Data Corporation (IDC).
IDC is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence, advisory and events services for the information technology, telecoms and consumer technology markets. IDC has more than 1,100 analysts around the world, providing global, regional and local expertise on technology, industry opportunities, and trends in over 110 nations.
IDC’s insight and analysis help IT professionals, business executives and the investment community make fact-based technology decisions to achieve their business objectives. IDC was founded in 1964 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG), a world-leading media, data, and marketing services company that activates, engages, and engages the most influential technology buyers.
IDC in the Middle East and Africa We combine local insight with international perspective to give a complete understanding of the markets in these dynamic regions. Our market intelligence services are unparalleled in their depth, consistency, range, and accuracy. IDC MEA currently has more than 130 analysts, consultants, conference associates, and consultants in the region. Follow IDC MEA on twitter at @IDCMEA
Wikipedia: IDC
nternational Data Group, Inc. [2] is an American media, events, and research company based in Needham, Massachusetts that focuses on the tech landscape. Blackstone, an American alternative management company, is the majority owner. It was founded in 1964 and consists of International Data Corporation (IDC), and IDG Communications. The latter includes the brands CIO and Computerworld, CSO and TechHive. [5][6]
HistoryInternational Data Corporation was established by Patrick Joseph McGovern in 1964. He sold his car to help fund the company’s start-up. The company was based in Massachusetts and produced a computer installation database (based on a customer base purloined by IBM). It also published a newsletter, “EDP Industry and Market Report”, which was modeled on the “ADP Newsletter”, which is published by The Diebold Group. IDC was paid by companies such as RCA and Univac, Xerox, Burroughs, for the use of the data base. McGovern continued to write for “Computers and Automation”, the first computer magazine published by Edmund Berkeley.
The company’s third year saw a revenue of $154,996. The net profit was modest at $2,961. McGovern was contemplating liquidating the company when he came up with the idea to launch Computerworld in 1967. This was a continuation and publication of the monthly newsletter, but in a different format. It also featured advertising. This became the cornerstone of IDG’s subsequent publishing arm. McGovern founded PC World.
IDG Books, a public company that was spun off of the privately owned IDG, published the self-help “…For dummies” books. The “…ForDummies” series was initially limited to computer-related fields. However, it was later expanded to cover a wider range of topics. John Wiley & Sons now publishes the series. [9] IDG Books/Hungry Minds — IDG Books was briefly renamed prior to being sold to Wiley. It is no longer a separate company. [8] IDG introduced the “Nanosite” in 2010, an advertising tool that was designed to be an alternative to a microsite. [10]
McGovern’s March 2014 death resulted in the transfer of ownership to the McGovern Foundation. There were many layoffs as a result. [11] In January 2017, IDG annexed McGovern to the McGovern Foundation.

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