Top 5 Project Management Courses & Certifications for 2021

Any organization must be able to manage its projects. A well-organized approach to a project will help the organization achieve its goals. Project management is the ability plan, organize, manage, and execute a project. Project management is more than just managing a project, delivering on schedule, tracking deadlines and setting a budget. It also involves taking control of a project from start to finish, working with clients and teams, and creating a vision for success. It is about making sure everyone is on the same page to ensure success. Organizations are realizing that exceptional project management is essential for better results and happier employees.
Why Is Project Management Important to an Organization?According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), companies that undervalue project management reports are unsuccessful outright on their projects at an average of 50%. Another statistic shows that 80% of high-performing project are managed by a certified project manager. Proper project management can bring many benefits to a company. Here are some examples:
Strategic Alignment: The team can ensure that every client receives the right information and that it is relevant to the business opportunity. Project management must ensure that the project targets are aligned with the business’ strategic goals and that the organization calculates ROI.
Organizations can save time and money by planning well. This will ensure that work is completed on time and within budget. The project’s journey can easily be mapped using project management methods. It is possible to predict where deadlines and projected costs will fall so that resources can be efficiently allocated. This will avoid project delays and overspend.
Quality Control: It is crucial to ensure that the delivered goods are of high quality. Projects are often under immense pressure to be completed. Project management must be done in a way that allows for the evaluation of the output for quality and application. Teams should also have the time to review and test the output at each step.
Risk Management: To ensure a successful project, it is essential to manage risk effectively. Good project management can help businesses to identify all possible risks and manage them accordingly. They can identify risks and create mitigation plans.
The benefits of upskilling teams in project management
No matter what industry or role, the way organizations work has changed rapidly. Bain & Company, a consulting firm, predicts that by 2027, most work will be project-based. According to the Project Management Institute, this will mean that there will be a greater demand for project managers than for other workers. This emphasis on project managers is a reflection of the increasing understanding of the positive impact that a good project manager can have on a company’s business. A great project manager will be able to use the skills, tools, people and information in order to complete all project operations. It is an essential role for any business to maintain high levels of efficiency.
Due to the remote working arrangements of many businesses, project management has become more difficult due to the global pandemic. A project manager certified should have a deep understanding and expertise in all aspects of project management. This certification will give them a holistic view of project management and help them understand the challenges involved in managing projects. Project managers are expected to actively participate in all phases of a project’s beginning stages, including planning, execution, monitoring, and control. Project management certifications will allow them to see the entire process holistically. Project managers ensure that the plan is properly implemented and that tasks are completed on time. They will help to get the project back on track if it goes off-track. They can bring together multiple departments and stakeholders to ensure a project’s success.
Project Management Institute (PMI(r),) found that employers will need to fill approximately 2.2 million new positions in project management every year until 2027. Organizations will need 87.7 millions people working in project management-oriented positions by 2027.
The 5 Best Project Management Courses & Certifications for 2021
1. PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Course (Course for the Project Management Professional (PMP)) Certification
Project Management Professional (PMP(r),) certification from Project Management Institute (PMI (r) has been a highly valuable merit

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