2022 Scrum SEU Guide – Renew Scrum Alliance(r) Cert. 100% Covered

Scrum Alliance(r), has changed the Scrum SEU requirements in order to renew Scrum Certification for 2019. To renew Scrum Alliance certification, Scrum Alliance certified owners at professional level (CSPSM-SM, CSPPO or CSP), had to earn 40 Scrum EU points. Scrum Alliance has changed their Scrum SEU policy effective February 4, 2019.
The New Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal Policy requires foundational level (CSM (r), CSPO (r), or CSD (r) certification owners to earn Scrum U Credits as well as renew their Scrum certification.

This post will discuss the Scrum SEU requirements. We’ll also explain how to earn Scrum SEU Points to renew your certification. Before we get into the details of Scrum SEU requirements, it is important to emphasize why Scrum Alliance is the best authority on Scrum certification.
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What is the Scrum Alliance?
Since its inception in 2001, Scrum Alliance has been a training and certification organization. It is the largest Agile organization in the world, with more than 725,000 certified professionals. Scrum Alliance’s mission is to “transform business into a happy, sustainable place”. It fulfills this vision by inspiring, motivating, and enabling individuals and companies with best practices and principles. They also support organizations in agile transformation and offer certificate programs to help individuals meet their career goals.
Who are Agile Practitioners
Who will promote agile values, principles and practices in a company and provide continuous support for agile change? “Agile Practitioners” is the answer. Every advantage you have in a competitive job market can make a difference. Scrum Alliance certifications, which are the most widely used agile certifications, can make a difference. The certificate-holding Agile Practitioners are a step ahead of other professionals. Agile Practitioners include owners of Agile certifications such as PMI ACP or CSM.

What are the benefits of Scrum Alliance certifications
Companies around the world are always searching for competent project managers to manage their projects with high success rates. They are seeking people with an accredited certificate to prove their project management skills.
Agile certification does not limit itself to one technique. It covers many Agile approaches such as FDD, Kanban and Crystal. This certification allows agile practitioners to use the most appropriate agile approach in their work.
Project leaders can use the agile certification to show their skills to potential employers and grab future opportunities. This certification certifies that the certificate holder has basic knowledge and experience in Agile methodologies.
Many companies are switching to Agile methods instead of traditional methods. This certification program aims to help you explore new applications for dynamic project managing. It helps people to understand agile principles and techniques that can improve their work and, ultimately, ensure better results.
Agile methodology allows people in the industry to shift their perspectives and become project leaders and contemporaries through the application of Agile. So, Agile certification and training

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