How to Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate Exam

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) was launched in 2006. It is still the market leader and most accepted cloud service provider worldwide. AWS certification and training, including the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, are now the most popular credentials for validating foundational skills and specialty skills in the cloud.
Organizations are shifting their workloads to the public clouds, adopting multicloud strategies, and the AWS shows no signs of slowing down.
Recognized as a thought leader, has more than a million customers and the largest market share at 32.4%.
It maintains its lead in public cloud adoption.
Offers a steady stream of new services.
Cloud beginners, Fortune 500 companies and other prestigious institutions are the preferred choice of most early-stage cloud users.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is one of the most popular and in-demand certifications in AWS. A professional who is familiarized with cloud concepts and networking principles. Has practical experience in implementing AWS services such as compute, storage, and database. You can prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. This article will explain how to prepare for AWS certification and where you can find the right resources. We will also guide you through the most recent AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam topics.
Why choose AWS Training and Certification
AWS is experiencing aggressive geographic expansion.
AWS certifications and training, such as the Architecting on AWS course, thoroughly evaluate your skills while focusing on best practice and practical experience.
AWS certification is a sign that you are highly skilled in cloud computing and can be accessed by other companies.
AWS skills are highly sought after; companies from all industries are experiencing severe skills shortages and are looking for certified professionals.
AWS is responsible for three of the ten highest-paying North American certifications.
AWS-certified professionals make an average annual salary of $129,000 and can earn up to $173.719.
AWS Solutions Architect certification could lead to a potential annual income of $148,000+
This course is suitable for people who are looking to start new IT jobs or those who want to advance in existing roles.
Managers and business-owners may also choose to take their employees through AWS certification and training in order to share a common understanding of the platform, terminology, cloud expertise, and tools.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
The role-based AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is one of the most sought-after core certifications in the industry.
It serves as a starting point for technical workers and is the second step after foundation-level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Before you can earn the professional credential, you must first earn the associate-level certification.
The average annual salary for professionals in the US with AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification was $130,883.
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam tests these:
* Knowledge of designing, deploying secure and robust AWS applications.
Update – AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Exam
AWS shared the previous update to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam in 2020. AWS has added many new services since 2020, so it needed to update its Solutions Architect training courses. On August 30, 2022, the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA -C03 was launched. Many changes have been made to the domains and scores for each domain. The examination covers more than 30 new AWS services.
More about AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certificate exam SAA-C03
The 130-minute long AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam was designed for individuals who are solutions architects and have one or more years’ experience in designing available, cost-efficient and fault-tolerant distributed systems on AWS.
Target audience: Solution Architects, Solution Designer Engineers, and anyone interested in cloud architectures’ scope.
Multiple choice and multiple answer questions.
You can choose between an online proctored exam or a testing center.
Minimum passing score: 720

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