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The National Stock Exchange of India, (NSE) grants NCFM certification. The NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets is NCFM. The NSE offers a wide range of certifications, and is not limited to Financial Markets. Currently, however, we are focusing on the Back Office Operations Module Intermediate Practice Exam.
The NCFM modules currently include 11 Foundation, 21 Intermediate and 15 Advanced certifications programs. To obtain certification, candidates must pass the appropriate exam at any NSE testing centre. Many people are looking for a career in the financial and security market industry. It is difficult to find a reliable reference. There are professional exams that are specifically designed for candidates looking to start their career in the security markets grant by NCFM.
Benefits of NCFM
NSE Certifications such as NCFM Backoffice Opera Module Certification Exam are appropriate for those looking for a career in banking and finance management.
Companies not only look for the best people, but also value those with additional certifications and expertise.
Comprehensive marketplace
NSE provides complete coverage of Indian capital markets across all asset classes, including fixed and equity, as well as derivative securities.
It also offers a fully-integrated marketplace model that includes trading services, clearing and settlement services as well as market data feeds and financial education.
Operation scale
The NSE’s balance and breadth in commodities and services and its continued leadership positions over many asset companies in India.
NSE’s trading technology, as well as its risk supervision framework, offer faster and more automated execution of orders. This reduces impact costs for large trade orders.
Unparalleled reach
NSE operates a pan-India high-speed system that connects more than 181,524 terminals via VSAT-based connectivity, line terrestrial-based connectivity, and multiprotocol label shifting activities.
Broadcast facility for corporate announcements
Corporate improvements include book closure, financial results announcements, bonuses, takeovers, rights, mergers, and other corporate improvements. They are distributed throughout the country, minimizing the possibility of price manipulation or misuse.
Trade statistics for listed businesses
Monthly trade statistics are provided to registered companies for all securities that have been sold on the Exchange.
Investor service centres
Twenty-four midpoints for investor-services were introduced by NSE across the country to meet investors’ obligations.
About Back Office Operations Module (Intermediate Exam)
NCFM offers training modules to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills in the security market.
The NCFM has created a pathway for individuals to start their career in the Security industry by introducing the Back Office Operations Module Intermediate Exam.
It is also important to remember that candidates should give their best in passing the certification Back Office Operations Modul (Intermediate Practice Exam). This will make the experience worthwhile.
The Back Office Operations Module Intermediate Exam has one important aspect. It will allow the candidate to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to get a job.

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