Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) Certification Preparation Guide

The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification (PL-100), helps individuals to develop app-making skills that allow them to create solutions for transforming, automating, or simplifying their respective operational processes. This certification will allow app makers to create and empower business processes and offer diverse solutions, such as data collection, repeatable tasks, business automation, and other solutions.
To implement these benefits into their business operations, individuals can enroll in the certification course. This article will provide you with a comprehensive preparation guide. The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification can be a huge boost for any business.
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Learn about Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification
Before you can start making preparations, you must first understand the basics of Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. Microsoft has placed a lot of emphasis on Power Platform and there is a high demand for it. To meet the growing demand, Microsoft offers professional certification to help individuals manage the operational benefits of Power Platform.
This certification can help you get a clear picture about clearing the PL100 exam. These are the topics you’ll need to study in preparation for the exam:
Design Solution- It is a solution that has a weightage between 10 and 15% in the examination.
All questions in this module will be based on the use of power platform components. This module covers triggers, data sources and data connectors.
Create Solutions- It is a weightage of 50-55% in the examination.
This module will address questions on topics such as data sources and canvas apps, model-driven applications, app configuration, power automate flows, and creating power. This module focuses on creating diverse solutions using Power Platform features.
Analyze Data- It is a weightage of 5-10% in the examination.
This module will allow you to ask questions that are based on real time. Most of the questions will revolve around AI builder, which can be used to build, train, and publish models.
Implement & Manage Solutions- It is a weightage of between 15 and 20% in the examination.
Questions can be based on the configuration, implementation, or management of various business solutions. You might also be asked questions about the use of different tools to deploy solutions, validate their accessibility, and deploy solutions.
This certification does not require any IT knowledge or training. It allows individuals to use technology-infused business solutions without the need for IT expertise. This certification is intended to help people understand and perform specific operations. They can use iterative strategies to find business solutions.
The exam pattern is comprised of between 55 and 60 questions. It takes 3 hours to complete. The exam is of intermediate difficulty and has a 70% pass rate. This exam consists mainly of MCQs, short responses, drag & drops, and reordering questions.
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PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification exam overview

Prerequisites for Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification
You will need to be able to comprehend and understand the concepts in order to apply for this certification. These are prerequisites for the certification. Individuals must have knowledge of:
Data modeling basics
User Experience design.
Analyse of process
Power Platform features
Power Platform-tools
It is preferable that the application can achieve PL900 certification together with all of this conceptual knowledge before taking PL100. Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended. The PL-900 certification provides a wealth of information on the powerful platform that will allow you to master the core principles of the certification.
Microsoft PL-100 Exam Preparation: Two Methods – As Suggested By Microsoft
Source: are two possible ways using which you can prepare for your PL-100 examination. The first is to study the Microsoft online module. The second is instructor-led training.
There are many topics that can be covered in the free online training module. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn when you prepare for these online modules.
6 Modules – Create a canvas app with Power Apps.
4 Modules – Create a model-driven application in Power Apps.
7 Modules – Automate your business process with Power Automate.
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