Software review: MyProjectsLite

General Information
Name: MyProjectsLite
Vendor: Avellana Software
Hosting options
Cost: The Lite iPhone/iPad version is free. The free version can only create 10 tasks, which is quite restrictive. The full version is PS2.49. This app’s full version is PS2.49. I couldn’t find an option to upgrade to paid from free. If you wish to upgrade, you will need to enter the project information in paid version.
Languages: English
Currency: US Dollar. Although I couldn’t change the currency, you can probably do so via the Preferences. The Preferences option was not available to me. This option may not be available in the paid version.
Building projects: Basic features
It is easy to add a new project. Click the + symbol in the Projects tab. Add a project name, summary description, then assign it to a category. The cost and time estimates for each task will be calculated based on the information you provide.
It’s easy to add tasks. Demo tasks are available to help you see what you’re trying accomplish. You cannot add milestones. Although it is possible to link tasks it doesn’t seem to do anything other than add a hyperlink to the tasks in order to make it easier for users to click between them. This is solved in the paid version. Although it is not possible to reorder tasks in the paid version, it is possible to schedule a task before a parent task. It is not smart.
It is simple to add resources to MyProjects Lite’s main screen. It uses the list project resource from your iPhone and iPad contacts. It is important to make sure that the person you wish to add has been created first. Once their details have been imported into MyProjects Lite, you can add a photo or other details.
The resource cannot be charged an hourly fee and time tracking is not possible. If you wish to price out a task, you will need to manually enter the cost estimate.
The worst thing about this app is the way tasks are displayed. The calendar view is very poor. Although it doesn’t display a calendar, it displays your tasks in the order they appear on a list. It would have been nice if the tasks could be seen in a “real calendar”, especially since there is no Gantt charts view and no other way of viewing tasks graphically.
The Calendar View. The Calendar View.
This is a short section. There are no reports. There is no version control. Multiple projects cannot be opened at once. It is a solid task-management tool and it looks great. It is intuitive and simple to use. It could be useful for other team members, but it was intended to be used by one person.
Did you receive a notification? The notification icon on the app displays notifications. The integration with email was a great feature. You can email details about tasks or projects from any screen. It won’t notify you automatically when something is due but you can ask it to. The app icon will change depending on how many notifications you have.
This allows you set contexts for tasks. This is a great idea. This allows you to view and group tasks together. All of your work projects can also be viewed together. It was unclear to me why contexts were necessary for each task. This makes more sense to my mind, but contexts don’t have any obligation so you don’t have to.
Although the in-line assistance is very helpful and contextually sensitive, it would have been nice if it linked with the recommended features. When I wanted to change my currency, the help screen directed me to the preferences settings. It didn’t give any instructions or links to how to do it.
Let’s sum it all…
MyProjects Lite as well as its paid version are great tools for personal and home projects. It is not suitable for complex work projects and it cannot be used effectively by teams.
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