Software review: Squish [2013]

General Information
Name: SquishVersion 5.2.1Vendor Information Services Management IncHosting options available only: Web hosted onlyCosts & plans: It is based on issues rather than users. You can manage up to 2,500 issues in a 12-month period with a $600 entry-level plan. Enterprise plans are available to companies that handle more than 20,000 issues per year. Free trial for 60 jours Languages: English
Basic features: Adding issues
Squish, a web-based problem tracker system, is used to manage client requests, tasks, and project issues.
Click on the Projects tab to create a new project. Once the project name is in lowercase, it will be created as the homepage.
Squish allows the creation of a project. For the short name, use lowercase. There are three types of names:
Request a Feature
Support Issue

This will show you which types of projects you can use the tool best: web and IT development, Agile projects, or projects where you need client requests managed. It can also be used by operational teams, such as a helpdesk.
It was simple to submit a feature request issue online. Attach attachments to keep track of the progress. You can indicate the priority but not the due date.
The button to update an issue can be found at the top of your screen. It is strange that you have to scroll down to click it, when it would be easier to find it at the bottom. This is how Sharepoint works for list items. At least, that’s what I use. It is something you will soon get used to.
Squish’s project homepage, with open issues and your watchlist. Other features include adding users and notifying
It is simple to add users and assign them to specific issues. You can also set up notifications to ensure that you are notified whenever something changes. You can set up different levels depending on the project.
Notify project managers about submit: Each time an issue is submitted, an e-mail will be sent to all project managers.
Notify users about assignment: An e-mail will be sent to users when issues have been assigned.
Notify your watchlist members about an update: All users following an issue will be notified by email when the issue has been updated.
Notify the user you have assigned about an update. An email will be sent to the user responsible for the issue whenever it is updated.

You can also set up notifications that will be sent when issues have been resolved.
This seems to be comprehensive. You can also access the system at any time to view the progress of issues.
As you would expect from a product that is not intended for project management, you won’t find Gantt charts, but you can view a timeline showing the activities.
What about reports?
Although reports are available, they are known as statistics. They show how many issues remain open at any given moment. These are the most common statistical reports that are available:
Issue count
Issue grid
Most viewed
Most watched
Recent issues
Resolved issues
Trending topics
Submission grid

There are many ways you can report on open issues.
Summary of SquishIn
If you are only looking for a simple issue tracking and logging system, it is easy to use. This tool is not suitable for project management. It does not include budgeting, time tracking, or project scheduling. It costs $50 per month for issue management purposes. This is based on an annual plan. You would need to manage large projects with multiple issues in order to make it worthwhile. Access to the system will be required for multiple sites. Redmine, which I have used previously, is an alternative to Squish.

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