Speaking at Oh MY HACK International 2020

This year, I will be speaking at Oh My Hack. My session is titled:
How to build a #Cybersecurity Strategy that is easy to use for CISO’s
There are two types: the one they know has been hacked, and the one they don’t. It doesn’t matter when or if the hack will happen. What should you do if you are responsible for security in your organization? This session will help to rethink your #security culture, and hopefully make it easier for #hackers to do their job by sharing the best practices from the field.
For more information, visit 3d0gG5T
11-12.05.2021, ONLINE
You can enter the fascinating world security conferences in one click. No barriers, no limits. You can adjust the lectures to suit your level of knowledge, meet top specialists from both blue and red teams, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of virtual events. The Oh My [emailprotected] conference is an enhanced version of the popular What The [email protected] conference. Adam Haertle is the founder and editor-in chief of Zaufana Trzecia Straona and is responsible for selecting speakers and topics. Join us to combat cyber threats together and learn new levels of knowledge!
More Event News:
Oh MY HACK International – Speaking at Oh My HACK International 2021

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